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NO! not the pandas! they ate mah grandma for breakfast! CORN!

hehe, like my little happy noodle boy moment, shana? anyhoo, i joined yer community, happy now, punk?! HUH?!?! hehehe j/k j/k...so, what should i post here anyways? i guess i'll just start with my li'l poem aboot joe strummer WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE THIS MONTH NOT THAT NO-TALENT-LITTLE-SHIT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE...*sighs* its blasphemy, i tells ya...poor joe must be rolling in his grave...im cold...whee? yeah...id better put this entry to good use soooo...heres me little joe strummer poem...

Angel with a guitar,

In a myriad of color and hue,

Your melody so fine,

That my tears have crossed the line,

Into a spiral of sadness,

Into an abyss of shock...

And into an array of hope,

That we will meet someday...

Until then, i will wait,

And listen to your same old song,

That changed my life not so long ago.

*Bows* Spank you very much *Walks off w/ GIR from 'invader ZIM'*
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