CD (cd_delorenzo) wrote in pink_ink,

Hiya all, I'm new here and this is the first poem I ever wrote.


(Mary-Kate McNamera, 2ooo)

Long lost thoughts, memories of the past --
You made them surface,
But they didn't last.

Friend or foe?
It's both the same.
Those you love are those who bring the deepest pain.
It is a shame

Tell me how it is to see me suffer,
How does it feel to be the one who's killing me?
Can you see the shock in my dying eyes?
I've been so happy that I didn't notice how you drove the knife inside of me -- oh so slow.
That was until now that I'm feeling how I'm losing my life.
I hope you're satisfied, now that my lifeless form is crumbling to the ground.

Blowing out the flame,
Driving me insane.

My last moments -- you're witnessing them.
Go on, keep on watching me.
We both have smiles on our faces -- it's over.
My last thought: I hope I'll finally find my peace...
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