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pink_ink's Journal

Write Before You Think
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This is a community where you can display your hidden talent. Show the world what you can do. Show your stories, poems, fan fiction, songs...and even your drawings if ya want. Whatever floats your boat.

1. The first rule of Pink Ink is, you do not talk about Pink Ink.
2. The second rule of Pink Ink is, you DO NOT talk about Pink Ink.
3. Do NOT post other people's work. This is not a quote community. This is not a lyric community. If you're looking for one of those look elsewhere.
4. Only use helpful criticism, unless you expect a fight. Don't ruin any dreams without expecting your own to be ruined.
5. Stay on topic. This is a community to show your talent, not advertise, or tell us crap that we don't care about.
Please follow the rules. I will not hesitate to kick you out, unless you are my friend...then you get special privledges.